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New York State joins the Safe Shelter Collaborative

Caravan Studios and the Safe Shelter Collaborative team are so pleased to announce that domestic violence agencies across the state of New York are now members of the Safe Shelter Collaborative, finding shelter faster for survivors of domestic violence. Currently, this launch includes agencies across New York; agencies in New York City will join the rest of the state in 2023. Also joining are agencies in New York that support runaway and homeless youth (RHY). This population is new to the Safe Shelter Collaborative, and in order to learn more about the particular needs of this community, agencies are participating in a pilot that will end in early 2023.

This effort to organize 23 agencies together across the geography of New York was a herculean effort led by the New York State Office of Children and Family Services. We are thankful for their collaboration, and are thrilled to welcome New York to the Safe Shelter Collaborative!


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