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Using public data to fuel your mission

TechSoup recently hosted a webinar (watch the recording) on a free resource called Data Commons where you can find publicly available data to bolster your organization's mission. We're working on a project with Data Commons and the Data Innovation Lab to understand what data nonprofits need to inform resources that make finding and using that data easier. Find out more about that project here:

This project is evolving as you read this! Right now we are focusing on the needs of food security organizations, so if you're interested in data or perhaps you first want to learn more, our team would love to learn from you. Get in touch with us if you're even a teeny bit interested in how data might help your org. Tell us what you're thinking or what you're wondering about or what you wish you could do, and be sure to include a bit about your organization. We're designing ways you can learn and we can learn from you, so any information you can share is helpful. More soon on how you can participate!


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