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Matching developers to food security problems

Are you a developer, looking to flex your skills toward solving real problems? Are you interested in how tech might solve problems faced by organizations working in the food insecurity space? Do you work for an organization committed to feeding communities? Read on to learn how you might participate in a Caravan Studios’ project.

Funded by the Truist Foundation, our team is working on a grant that allows us to pull together our years of experience collaborating with food insecurity organizations to spotlight community-generated ideas, social good technology, and inspiration to develop the next tech that solves a problem community members face.

At our parent organization, TechSoup, we’ve been spotlighting technology that addresses food security from a range of different perspectives that solves specific problems related to feeding communities. In addition to spotlighting tech, we’ve also conducted qualitative research that included exploring workflows at food pantries and food banks to better understand where a technological intervention might address problems staff and volunteers experience.

We are working to match tech developers with staff at food insecurity organizations to see if some of those needs can be directly addressed by technology. We’re inviting anyone and everyone to contribute to this effort: if you have tech skills you’d like to apply to problems we’ve articulated from our research or you’d like to add your experiences to our growing understanding of these issues, please get in touch with us. Find out more about the project and please, lend your ideas and your skills and share with your networks. This project is a work in progress, which means the web page will continue to change as it supports new connections and resources.


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